Hollow Cities

by Anchors of Empires

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released April 13, 2014



all rights reserved


Anchors of Empires Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Anchors of Empires is a Southeastern Wisconsin based band that debuted in 2010. Drawing equally on the post-hardcore and neo- experimentalism of the past decade, they have crafted a raw, unrelenting Midwestern sound that you can’t find on either of the coasts. They are one of the most explosive and surprising bands to emerge from the Milwaukee alternative scene in recent years. ... more

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Track Name: S.H.S.
Don't say you're sorry
when I know that you are not
Don't tell your stories that we both know aren't true
this isn't a beauty pageant and covering up your insecurities with bright red lipstick
doesn't make you less of a bitch

captivate a soul
turn it down but hold and choke the life
before you let it go

Oh I've just heard terrible things about you
kiss the boys and make them cry I wonder why it's so
kids can be so mean
and still the warnings thrown at me I rejected
I gave you the benefit of the doubt and I doubt you would do the same

I am just a conduit for everything miserable
my friends are just extensions of a demons hand
that just won't let me go

you'll sing your song
It won't bother me it won't follow me
this ends right here just let it be

I've been nothing but a gentlemen but this date has gone far too long for me to breathe
the dress you're wearing is shameless
have you ever considered wearing silence?
Track Name: DeathStar
It's all in a matter of time
as the seconds pass the words that spill are "I'll be just fine"
and the cost of the people that need isn't worth the payoff it's just you and me
I'll drown myself
(in the notion that all has been lost)
It's time to sell
(our souls to the cause)
take my hand the time for understanding is over

our brothers will betray us all in time
our shallow lungs don't need to breathe
our damaged hearts don't need to beat
our sunken eyes don't need to see
our broken legs don't need to flee

I'll trade it all for lightning at my fingertips
now everything is meaningless
I promised I'd build a home among the stars
But promises mean nothing when power clouds your judgement
don't sell me down the river
Track Name: Idol Hands
I don't know what to say
sons will rise in unison to wake our fathers
kill the lamb,speak in tongues
shedding blood like martyrs to please our fathers
who said I can't be your savior?
and I can't help the way I feel
when the tides bring nothing but fear
trusting everything and everyone
I'm lost in thought
I can see their broken wings and shattered thrones
their broken homes
who said I can't be your savior?
I don't know what to say
our bodies unbound
(but the wolves are too close)
our flesh in a mess of wires
kill the lamb speak in tongues
my hands built a shelter
(but the wolves are too close)
our flesh in a mess of wires
we put our faith in power hungry men
and oh how the earth shakes when we strike with heavy hands
now we're talking in circles
we're waiting for the masses to pull us from the wreckage
the veil of truth unwinding our fathers' words are binding
in the arms of another
blood is thicker than water
we'll be under the covers